Sunday, September 4, 2011


NW Granite: A Good Picture Tells A Story

Kelly Sheridan shares the NW climbing lifestyle

Jens' take on our Liberty Linkem

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've decided to move shop over to Wordpress, so if anyone is still looking at this site wondering what the hell I'm doing I'm relieved to share that I've motivated to post a new blog, and it can be found HERE

Thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tableland Life

With the exception of one day, cut short by snow, I have been climbing exclusively in the "Tablelands", Bishop's low quality volcanic version of Hueco Tanks.  While the rock sometimes lacks integrity I'm finding the climbing itself to be pretty enjoyable.  The snowy peaks are always looming to the West and the broad plains lend a unique ambiance to this classic winter climbing destination.  Not a bad place to wait for the snow to melt in Yosemite...

rare photo of myself by Creg Phares

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eastside Love

Life in Bishop, bouldering in the Volcanic Tablelands over the last week.

James works a classic Tablelands traverse

The one and only Charlie Barrett

Deep in the electronic vortex

James traversing in to Mr. Happy

Sweet Lapis love

The Clapper


Sierra storm

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The last of Hueco

After two months in Hueco I took a brief climbing hiatus in New Mexico.  I moved rocks, concrete and enjoyed delicious food and excellent company.  Eventually the rocks called and I made my way to Bishop, CA with a detour through Joshua Tree where I waxed nostalgic on numerous gritty pebbles and supernatural domes.  

Tim and Clayton tick the Between the Sheets Wall

Kevin cranking on Natural Disaster

Tim on a new line to the right of Natural Disaster
(no name was suggested but the theme is entertaining,
'Act of God' or perhaps 'FEMA's Always Late'?)

No rest for the committed, Cedar works on some coloring 

Sam painfully close to the Ugh

Ana on the Egg

Drew low on Natural Disaster

They don't call it the Bloody Flapper for nothing

Post flapper, I manage an ascent of Banana Juice (Ana Burgos photo)

Plowing through another rest day

Her Highness, Princess Funny-face

Hueco shopping at its finest, the incomparable Vista

Two Minutes Underwater

Yes, Allen is chalking up his foot...

Footless beta on Big Nose Milley

Gigi the wonder horse

Sterling the nibbler

And Grandma Ellie

Getting close to Bishop....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010: What you haven't seen yet, part 2

Here's the promised second half of 2010, it's been an interesting exercise to see how I spent those 52 weeks.  Hope you enjoy.

Jewelry by Keri Carlton

Jess Campbell on the Upper Town Wall, Index, WA

Intimidated?  You should be.
Dragontail Peak

Jess and Jens relaxing at the Colchuck Lake Heli-Pad

Colchuck Balanced Rock, object of late summer obsession

Jess and River at the beach in La Push, WA

Twilight country (yeah, the movie)

Barrett works the roof, Lonnie supervises

Team Asana member Charlie Barrett ignores my outdated Revolution and Cordless pads

Mono Lake

Cathedral Spires

No caption required

Princess Funny Face, aka Cedar Pidgeon

Scream, Hueco Tanks

Christmas morning

Thomasina on Babyface

Loaded With Power