Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010: What you haven't seen yet, part 2

Here's the promised second half of 2010, it's been an interesting exercise to see how I spent those 52 weeks.  Hope you enjoy.

Jewelry by Keri Carlton

Jess Campbell on the Upper Town Wall, Index, WA

Intimidated?  You should be.
Dragontail Peak

Jess and Jens relaxing at the Colchuck Lake Heli-Pad

Colchuck Balanced Rock, object of late summer obsession

Jess and River at the beach in La Push, WA

Twilight country (yeah, the movie)

Barrett works the roof, Lonnie supervises

Team Asana member Charlie Barrett ignores my outdated Revolution and Cordless pads

Mono Lake

Cathedral Spires

No caption required

Princess Funny Face, aka Cedar Pidgeon

Scream, Hueco Tanks

Christmas morning

Thomasina on Babyface

Loaded With Power