Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night and Day at Mountain Home

Fall is bringing some precipitation so we've been hitting up boulders and cliffs that are quick to dry. Mt. Home is a pretty solar spot and affords an amazing view into the Icicle Canyon. I headed up in the evening for some fire, food and drunken fun. Before I got too rummy I tried to get some night-time photography practice.

After some much needed rest we made our way down the hill and wrestled some pebbles. I managed to remember how to do 'Tall People Suck', we struggled to unlock 'Punk Ass Kid' and I tried to visualize the anti-gravity movement of 'The Ground Below'. No luck there, but I did snap a few pics of Adam going for a repeat.

Joey T. slabbing it up the Cattleguard


Adam H. on 'Tall People Suck'

Cole 'the Hoss' Allen focused into 'Punk Ass Kid'

Adam H. painfully close on 'The Ground Below'

Joey T.

Keri C.

Adam H.

Raymond 'Cole' Allen

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