Friday, March 12, 2010

Der Sportsman Topo

Seven years ago Metolius published their catalog with a beautiful picture of Prusik Peak on the cover.  Inside there are two Ben Moon photos of Brooke Sandahl and partner climbing a route that turned out to be a new line, a direct route to the summit of this iconic granite spire.  Five years later my friend and current roommate, Sol Wertkin, contacted Metolius and requested more information on the climb.  Sandahl hooked him up with a detailed topo hand drawn onto a photocopy of the catalog cover.  During a recent organizational binge Sol uncovered this gem and before it could be lost in the proverbial shuffle I ran it through the scanner and have now uploaded it to the web for your downloading pleasure.  Enjoy.

(click on the pic to open a large, readable file)


NM said...

Super cool. Thanks man.

Mikey Schaefer said...

Thats classic! The second to last pitch is called 12a. I heard it was 10+ and i thought it was kinda hard for the grade!

Thanks for posting that up.